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Silk Purse Arts Centre Exhibitions

Exhibitions of work by artists in our community, on view in the Silk Purse Arts Centre, 1570 Argyle Ave. West Vancouver. Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Friday from 12 - 5pm, Saturday - Sunday from 12 - 4 pm.

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    • Wednesday, November 23, 2022
    • Sunday, December 18, 2022
    • 4:00 PM
    • Silk Purse Arts Centre, 1570 Argyle Ave.

    'Tree Hug'

    Lynda Fownes

    'Regeneration 6'

    Katie Rodgers

    'Beneath the Bark'

    Eileen Walsh

    Artists Lynda Fownes, Katie Rodgers & Eileen Walsh capture the resilient natural world around us; celebrating the beauty found on their favourite hiking trails; showcasing the fragility & fortitude in local ecosystems; & reminding us of the therapeutic qualities of being surrounded by nature.

    Lynda Fownes is a North Vancouver artist whose realistic & textured mixed media paintings of rocks weathered by streams & trees with peeling bark, strive to make the insignificant significant & emphasize the beauty of maturity.

    Katie Rodgers, a painter from North Vancouver, creates expressive & gestural depictions of old growth stumps that are regenerating & growing new trees, highlighting the joy & energy in new life & possibility.

    Eileen Walsh is a Squmaish based artist whose hyper realistic paintings focus on micro details of branches, lichen & moss; intersecting both science & art as a way to find introspection through observation.

    Artist Talk 

    Wed. Nov. 30, 7 pm

    Join us for an engaging livestream discussion with the artists as they share their inspirations & techniques, take a tour of the exhibition & answer questions from viewers like you!

    Meet The Artists

    Sat. Dec. 3, 2-3:30 pm

    Join us for a friendly & casual afternoon to meet these talented artists & take in their amazing artwork. The artists will be happy to talk about their paintings, processes & meet art enthusiasts like you. 

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