Purposeful Simplification Painting Workshop

  • Tuesday, February 15, 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom
  • 5



Brushstroke Freedoms

Jane Appleby

14" x 17"

Water Colour

Peaceful Walk in 
Winter Wonderland

Jane Appleby

5"x 7"

Water Colour

Levels: Beginner - Advanced
Ages: Youth - Adult

Expressive painter Jane Appleby will lead a fun & informative painting workshop via zoom focused on ways to use brushwork & certain elements to simplify paintings

"There is power in each brushstroke which can impact a painting” & limiting certain elements will be the focus in this workshop.

Jane will explore “simplification" in compositions & what that may mean to individual artists. When painting "less is more” artists consider the elements of design such as using line, shapes, space, textures, colours & values. One of the simplest ways to depict something is to do a simple line drawings of what you see. When employing colour & other elements, the process becomes complex & options are limitless. 

In this two hour class Jane will lead participants in various exercises in painting using water-colour or acrylic to offer suggestions on simplifying  compositions. Some painting experience is helpful but all are welcome to join & paint along with Jane. 

Please have all your paints, colours, palette & water ready to go. 

Suggested Materials:

Paint: Acrylic OR Watercolour. Jane’s preferred colours (*) 

  • *Hansa Yellow Light, or Cadmium Yellow Light ,or Lemon Yellow
  • *Quinacridone Magenta (or Red), or Alizarin or Cadmium Red Light, or Rose Madder
  • *Primary Blue, or Pthalo Blue (Green shade), or Cobalt Blue, or Ultramarine, or Cerulean Blue
  • *Titanium White
  • *Raw Umber, or Burnt Umber, or Payne’s Grey or Black
  • Optional: Yellow Ochre, Sienna, Prussian Blue, Purple, Green, Neutral Grey, your favourites

Brushes: Good quality synthetic brushes, firm yet flexible Flat & Round brushes, big & small.

  • 3 Flats - bright, long, angled or filbert. 1.5”, 1”, 1⁄2”, 3/8”, or 1⁄4”
  • 3 Round with good point (no. 4 up no. 12)
  • Tiny Round with good tip (no. 00 – no.2) for details

Paint Palette: “Stay Wet” for acrylics. Other palettes of surfaces ie: ice plastic container tops, foamboard, plates or trays (Paper palettes or tin foil are fine but are less solid to mix on).

Water Holders: such as 2 -500 ml containers half full, spray bottle with water to moisten paints.

Paper Towels or Rags to clean brushes.

Sketch Book or Paper: Ring bound sketchbook approximately 11 x 14 or larger, or clipboard with blank white paper, or watercolour paper. At least 10 sheets.

Drawing Materials: HB pencil &/or Sharpie (wedge or round) for sketches.

Work Surface: Table to work on, with protective cover (paper or plastic).

Simple Still Life Set Up or Photo Reference: fruit, silverware, cups, flowers, simple shaped items - max 3 items. Make rough outline sketch(s) of these on a paper before the class.


  • View finder or cropping tool (2 L-shaped cardboard pieces)
  • Small mirror to view composition backwards
  • Colour Wheel (printed or hand made with primary, secondary & tertiary colours for reference)
  • Small scissors
  • Masking tape to tape paper on a board, foamboard or cardboard
  • Small canvases are optional for those working in acrylics (Jane will work on paper).
  • Palette Knives (metal or plastic) to mix acrylic paints (not needed for watercolours)
  • Easel for those that have one & like to paint upright
  • Painting apron 
  • Box for supplies
  • Notebook & pen for writing notes

Artist/Instructor Bio

Jane Appleby is an expressive painter, inspired by the Canadian landscape; her process includes painting on location “En Plein Air" & into abstraction. Her latest oil & acrylic canvases titled "Lyrical Expressions" are currently showing in several galleries in British Columbia & Alberta, as well as overseas in Madrid Spain.  

Jane has instructed workshops for over 25 years to art groups, including the WVAC, Place Des Arts & Okanagan School of Arts. She shares her intuitive process on a Youtube Channel: Jane Appleby Art & has authored two inspirational books: Between Cottages & The Purposeful Brush.

She lives in Burnaby with her husband Ken & enjoys skiing, kayaking & hiking - Laika, her dog often at her side.

Her work is collected internationally, & is available through her representative galleries listed on her website: www.janeappleby.com

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