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A Story To Tell...What You See, What You Don't

  • Wednesday, June 29, 2022
  • Sunday, July 24, 2022
  • 4:00 PM
  • Silk Purse Arts Centre, 1570 Argyle Ave.


Joanne Frewer

'Reverspective 1'

Majid Shiekh Akbari

Be transported to other worlds through the engaging 3-dimensional artwork of North Shore artists Joanne Frewer & Majid Sheikh Akbari.

Joanne Frewer is a multidisciplinary artist creating shadow boxed assemblage works that combine the everyday & the spiritual. Frewer's pieces offer viewers glimpses into other spaces - a Mexican kitchen, Parisian flat, or Buddhist shrine - full of tiny pieces of decor either handmade by Frewer or collected on her travels around the globe. Each scene invites viewers to look closely & discover the details in not only the artwork but in the sacred moments of life they represent.

Majid Sheikh Akbari is a sculptor & architect whose work is concerned with the conflict & harmony between the spiritual & material. Sheikh Akbari's Reverspective series of wall mounted sculptures take the audience on a journey to mysterious, even divine spaces featuring otherworldly yet familiar architecture. Often composed of reclaimed wood, these plazas, alley & facades are designed using forced perspective & geometry to create the appearance of greater depth in the pieces. These optical illusions invite viewers to reconsider the spaces they are looking at & the intent put into the structures & objects we create.

Closing Reception Sun. July 24, 2 - 3 pm 

Meet artists Joanne Frewer & Majid Sheikh Akbari as we celebrate their amazing work in this final opportunity to experience this inspiring exhibition. Light refreshments provided.

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